Bible Studies 

At Faith Church we believe that the study of God’s Word is a very important part of our Christian walk. Below are some of the opportunities that we have to study the Word of God together. 

Small Group Studies

Women’s Bible Studies

When: Every Tuesday morning at 10am
Location: Faith Church (Led by Charlotte Van Meter)
Come study Ecclesiastes using the NavPress study guide.  
God’s Mysterious Ways: Embracing God’s Providence in Esther
When: Every first and third Saturday at 9am
Location: Faith Church (Led by Christine Stalnaker, Susan Hauver and kathryn Stephens)

Men’s Bible Studies

Men’s Prayer Breakfast (Studying Devoted to God by Sinclair Ferguson)

When: 2nd Saturday of every month at 9am
Location: Faith Church
Come for a time of prayer, fellowship, and study.

Old Testament and New Testament Study

When: Every Tuesday at 5pm
Location: Dr. Van Meter’s Office at 63 Thomas Johnson Dr.
Come for an in depth study of Old and New Testament books.