Week 45, 2019

Week 45:


Weekly Hymn:      Redeemed, How I Love to Proclaim It



Heidelberg Catechism–

      • Q112 What is required in the ninth commandment? /

Answer: I must not give false testimony against anyone, twist no one’s words, not gossip or slander, nor condemn or join in condemning anyone rashly and unheard. Rather, I must avoid all lying and deceit as the devil’s own works, under penalty of God’s heavy wrath. In court and everywhere else, I must love the truth, speak and confess it honestly, and do what I can to defend and promote my neighbour’s honour and reputation.


      • Q113 What does the tenth commandment require of us? /

Answer: That not even the slightest thought or desire contrary to any of God’s commandments should ever arise in our heart. Rather, with all our heart we should always hate all sin and delight in all righteousness.



Bible Reading:

Mon- 11/11 – John 19-21 & Psalm 142

Tue – 11/12 – Daniel 1-3 & Psalm 143

Wed – 11/13 – Daniel 4-6 & Psalm 144

Thurs – 11/14 – Daniel 7-9 & Psalm 145

Fri – 11/15 – Daniel 10-12 & Psalm 146

Sat – 11/16 – 1 Thess. 1-2 & Psalm 147

Sun – 11/17 – Catch Up Day

Week 44, 2019

Week 44:


Weekly Hymn:                                   And Can It Be…



Heidelberg Catechism–

      • Q109 Does God in this commandment forbid nothing more than adultery and similar shameful sins? /
        Answer: Since we, body and soul, are temples of the Holy Spirit, it is God’s will that we keep ourselves pure and holy. Therefore he forbids all unchaste acts, gestures, words, thoughts, desires, and whatever may entice us to unchastity.


      • Q110 What does God forbid in the eighth commandment? /

Answer: God forbids not only outright theft and robbery but also such wicked schemes and devices as false weights and measures, deceptive merchandising, counterfeit money, and usury; we must not defraud our neighbour in any way, whether by force or by show of right. In addition God forbids all greed and all abuse or squandering of his gifts.


      • Q111 What does God require of you in this commandment? /

Answer: I must promote my neighbour’s good wherever I can and may, deal with him as I would like others to deal with me, and work faithfully so that I may be able to give to those in need.




Bible Reading:

Mon- 11/4 – John 1-3 & Psalm 136

Tue – 11/5 – John 4-6 & Psalm 137

Wed – 11/6 – John 7-9 & Psalm 138

Thurs – 11/7 – John 10-12 & Psalm 139

Fri – 11/8 – John 13-15 & Psalm 140

Sat – 11/9 – John 16-18 & Psalm 141

Sun – 11/10 – Catch Up Day

Week 43, 2019

Week 43:


Weekly Hymn:      Jesus, Sinners Doth Receive



Heidelberg Catechism–

      • Q107 Is it enough, then, that we do not kill our neighbour in any such way? /

Answer: No. When God condemns envy, hatred, and anger, he commands us to love our neighbour as ourselves,1 to show patience, peace, gentleness, mercy, and friendliness toward him, to protect him from harm as much as we can, and to do good even to our enemies.


      • Q108 What does the seventh commandment teach us? /

Answer: That all unchastity is cursed by God. We must therefore detest it from the heart and live chaste and disciplined lives, both within and outside of holy marriage.




Bible Reading:

Mon- 10/28 – Ezekiel 27-30 & Psalm 127

Tue – 10/29 – Ezekiel 31-34 & Psalm 128-129

Wed – 10/30 – Ezekiel 35-38 & Psalm 130-131

Thurs – 10/31 – Ezekiel 39-42 & Psalm 132

Fri – 11/1 – Ezekiel 43-45 & Psalm 133-134

Sat – 11/2 – Ezekiel 46-48 & Psalm 135

Sun – 11/3 – Catch Up Day

Week 42, 2019

Week 42:


Weekly Hymn:       Stand Up, Stand Up for Jesus



Heidelberg Catechism–

      • Q104 What does God require in the fifth commandment? /

Answer: That I show all honour, love, and faithfulness to my father and mother and to all those in authority over me, submit myself with due obedience to their good instruction and discipline, and also have patience with their weaknesses and shortcomings, since it is God’s will to govern us by their hand.


      • Q105 What does God require in the sixth commandment? /

Answer: I am not to dishonour, hate, injure, or kill my neighbor by thoughts, words, or gestures, and much less by deeds, whether personally or through another; rather, I am to put away all desire of revenge. Moreover, I am not to harm or recklessly endanger myself. Therefore, also, the government bears the sword to prevent murder.


      • Q106 But does this commandment speak only of killing? /

Answer: By forbidding murder God teaches us that he hates the root of murder, such as envy, hatred, anger, and desire of revenge, and that he regards all these as murder.


Bible Reading:

Mon- 10/21 – Ezekiel 5-7 & Isaiah 36

Tue – 10/22 – Ezekiel 8-11 & Isaiah 37

Wed – 10/23 – Ezekiel 12-15 & Isaiah 38

Thurs – 10/24 – Ezekiel 16-19 & Isaiah 39

Fri – 10/25 – Ezekiel 20-23 & Psalm 123-124

Sat – 10/26 – Ezekiel 24-26 & Psalm 125-126

Sun – 10/27 – Catch Up Day

Week 41, 2019

Week 41:


Weekly Hymn:       Jesus, and Shall it Ever Be



Heidelberg Catechism–

      • Q102 May we also swear by saints or other creatures? /

Answer: No. A lawful oath is a calling upon God, who alone knows the heart, to bear witness to the truth, and to punish me if I swear falsely. No creature is worthy of such honour.


      • Q103 What does God require in the fourth commandment? /

Answer: First, that the ministry of the gospel and the schools be maintained and that, especially on the day of rest, I diligently attend the church of God to hear God’s Word, to use the sacraments, to call publicly upon the LORD, and to give Christian offerings for the poor. Second, that all the days of my life I rest from my evil works,
let the LORD work in me through his Holy Spirit, and so begin in this life the eternal Sabbath.





Bible Reading:

Mon- 10/14 – 1 John 1-3 & Isaiah 30

Tue – 10/15 – 1 John 4-5 & Isaiah 31

Wed – 10/16 – 2 &3 John & Isaiah 32

Thurs – 10/17 – 1 Peter 1-3 & Isaiah 33

Fri – 10/18 – 1 Peter 4-5 & Isaiah 34

Sat – 10/19 – Ezekiel 1-4 & Isaiah 35

Sun – 10/20 – Catch Up Day

Week 40, 2019

Week 40:


Weekly Hymn:                      All For Jesus



Heidelberg Catechism–

  • Q99 What is required in the third commandment? / Answer: We are not to blaspheme or to abuse the name of God by cursing, perjury, or unnecessary oaths, nor to share in such horrible sins by being silent bystanders. Rather, we must use the holy name of God only with fear and reverence, so that we may rightly confess him, call upon him, and praise him in all our words and works.


  • Q100 Is the blaspheming of God’s name by swearing and cursing such a grievous sin that God is angry also with those who do not prevent and forbid it as much as they can? /

Answer: Certainly, for no sin is greater or provokes God’s wrath more than the blaspheming of his name. That is why he commanded it to be punished with death.


  • Q101 But may we swear an oath by the name of God in a godly manner? /

Answer: Yes, when the government demands it of its subjects, or when necessity requires it, in order to maintain and promote fidelity and truth, to God’s glory and for our neighbour’s good. Such oath-taking is based on God’s Word and was therefore rightly used by saints in the Old and the New Testament.


Bible Reading:

Mon- 10/7 – Jeremiah 40-42 & Isaiah 24

Tue – 10/8 – Jeremiah 43-46 & Isaiah 25

Wed – 10/9 – Jeremiah 47-49 & Isaiah 26

Thurs – 10/10 – Jeremiah 50-52 & Isaiah 27

Fri – 10/11 – Lamentations 1-2 & Isaiah 28

Sat – 10/12 – Lamentations 3-5 & Isaiah 29

Sun – 10/13 – Catch Up Day

Pastor’s Ponderings: October 2019

by John Armstrong

As I write this, the leaves are falling and we are three months away from our Christmas Eve Service (and Bob!).  What does that have to do with anything?  Not much, it just helps us to orient where we are in the year.  I never cease to be amazed with the rapidity that I again find myself having to write these pieces for the Tapestry.  For the faithful few of you who read these things, I hope you find them helpful.    Every third Monday and Tuesday of September, the Potomac Presbytery has its annual retreat.  At these retreats, we have a speaker who comes in and usually does three large group sessions.  The speakers are usually noteworthy Christian leaders, and this year was no exception. Dr. Diane Langberg is a clinical Psychologist in practice in the Philadelphia area.  She has been in the PCA for 41 years.  She is a successful author and international speaker and authority on the subject of trauma and abuse.  So, why would a bunch of pastors go on a retreat and invite a woman to come speak on trauma and abuse?   On the face of it, that sounds neither relaxing nor edifying.    The church needs to talk about trauma and abuse because it isn’t just the problem of those people over there.  It is a problem in every church, no Christians are immune to it.  I have seen its effects many times in the lives of people that God has brought me into contact with in the congregations I have served.  If you have been around me for very long, you’ve probably heard me say, “we are all sinners who have been sinned against.”  That is true.  Many of us have suffered abuse and trauma.  Just look at the statistics, they are staggering.  If you say hello to four people at church on any given Sunday morning, you can be almost certain that you have spoken to someone who has suffered abuse and trauma.  Sadly, those are conservative numbers.   If you are the person who has suffered abuse and trauma, I’m sorry, that grieves my heart for you, and I want you to know that you are welcome at Faith Church and we will not shy away from what has happened to you.  If you want to talk about it, or if you want to find help to deal with it, we are committed to making that happen.  I’m being careful not to be too specific about what constitutes abuse and trauma.  These things take on many forms.  We tend to think in terms of sexual or physical abuse and we need to be mindful of these because they are very common, but we need to think in terms of emotional and psychological abuse as well.  Sometimes, that abuse can be as simple as unguarded words that can and do inflict great harm.    I’m purposefully not going to pursue any further categorization so we don’t obfuscate the issue.  My point in bringing this up is that I want us to recognize that we are not immune in our nice, small church in the suburbs of Frederick.  The threat is real and we must guard against it at every level, whatever type of abuse it may be.  The Session is working to address these issues, so that we provide a safe environment for our children and all the people of our congregation.  This is an on-going effort that will take hard work and diligence.  It will also require vulnerability and wisdom.  Please pray for the Session and for our church that God will give us the wisdom and strength that we need to deal with the damage that comes from trauma and abuse.  Also, pray that God will protect us from these things as He grows us in grace.  We will be working to continue to address issues of abuse and trauma wherever they may arise in our sphere of influence. 

Week 39, 2019

Week 39:


Weekly Hymn:       O Zion Haste


Heidelberg Catechism–

  • Q96 What does God require in the second commandment? /

Answer: We are not to make an image of God in any way, nor to worship him in any other manner than he has commanded in his Word

  • Q97 May we then not make any image at all? /

Answer: God cannot and may not be visibly portrayed in any way. Creatures may be portrayed, but God forbids us to make or have any images of them in order to worship them or to serve God through them.

  • Q98 But may images not be tolerated in the churches as “books for the laity”? /

Answer: No, for we should not be wiser than God. He wants his people to be taught not by means of dumb images but by the living preaching of his Word.


Bible Reading:

Mon- 9/30 – Jeremiah 22-24 & Isaiah 18

Tue – 10/1 – Jeremiah 25-27 & Isaiah 19

Wed – 10/2 – Jeremiah 28-30 & Isaiah 20

Thurs – 10/3 – Jeremiah 31-33 & Isaiah 21

Fri – 10/4 – Jeremiah 34-36 & Isaiah 22

Sat – 10/5 – Jeremiah 37-39 & Isaiah 23

Sun – 10/6 – Catch Up Day

Week 38, 2019


Week 38:


Weekly Hymn:       Amazing Grace


Heidelberg Catechism–

  • Q94 What does the LORD require in the first commandment? /

Answer: That for the sake of my very salvation I avoid and flee all idolatry, witchcraft, superstition, and prayer to saints or to other creatures. Further, that I rightly come to know the only true God, trust in him alone, submit to him with all humility and patience, expect all good from him only, and love, fear, and honour him with all my heart. In short, that I forsake all creatures rather than do the least thing against his will.


  • Q95 What is idolatry? /

Answer: Idolatry is having or inventing something in which to put our trust instead of, or in addition to, the only true God who has revealed himself in his Word.


Bible Reading:

Mon- 9/23 – Jeremiah 4-6 & Isaiah 12

Tue – 9/24 – Jeremiah 7-9 & Isaiah 13

Wed – 9/25 – Jeremiah 10-12 & Isaiah 14

Thurs – 9/26 – Jeremiah 13-15 & Isaiah 15

Fri – 9/27 – Jeremiah 16-18 & Isaiah 16

Sat – 9/28 – Jeremiah 19-21 & Isaiah 17

Sun – 9/29 – Catch Up Day

Week 37, 2019

Week 37:


Weekly Hymn:       Lead On, Oh King Eternal


Heidelberg Catechism–

  • Q91 But what are good works? /

Answer: Only those which are done out of true faith,1 in accordance with the law of God, and to his glory, and not those based on our own opinion or on precepts of men.


  • Q92 What is the law of the LORD? /

Answer: SEE  Ex 20:1-17; Deut 5:6-21


  • Q93 How are these commandments divided? /

Answer: Into two parts. The first teaches us how to live in relation to God; the second, what duties we owe our neighbour.


Bible Reading:

Mon- 9/16 – Job 31-33 & Isaiah 6

Tue – 9/17 – Job 34-36 & Isaiah 7

Wed – 9/18 – Job 37-39 & Isaiah 8

Thurs – 9/19 – Job 40-42 & Isaiah 9

Fri – 9/20 – Titus  & Isaiah 10

Sat – 9/21 – Jeremiah 1-3 & Isaiah 11

Sun – 9/22 – Catch Up Day