Faith Reformed


IT Committee Mission

Information Technology (IT) Committee is to provide quality audio-visual and information technology services for all ministries of Faith Church.

We strive to be as transparent as possible, so that all ministries and worship times are focused on God. Our committee members have been blessed with many gifts; they are diverse and competent in multiple technical areas. Recently, we have completed several projects.

These are highlighted by providing our Sunday Worship Service via a YouTube Live Stream. This was a
significant technical undertaking and accomplishment for our members. Our goals were to
make our Live Stream presentation as transparent as possible so that the focus and all glory
goes to God.
For 2022, we plan to overhaul and update the website. We will be refreshing the look and feel
of the site, plus looking at how we can add additional functionality. We have formed a sub-
committee devoted to reviewing and updating the website and look forward to having it online
We also anticipate helping with the technical infrastructure as it relates to the efforts of the
Safety and Security Committee. They are currently upgrading multiple safety and security
aspects of the building.
Furthermore, we want to enable our church members to use our technical resources so that
their activities, meetings and worship are trouble-free and enhanced from a technical
perspective. We will be providing simple instructions on the operation of some of our most
used resources.

Safety and Security Committee

The purpose of the committee is to provide a safe and secure place to worship and fellowship. The Safety and Security Committee is chaired by Rich Rochford. We are tasked with the following:
Safe Operation of the Nursery and Children’s Ministries

  • Ensuring that all persons working with children have been background checked.
  • Preparing for and prevention of emergencies of all types.
  • Conducting training for member in the areas of First Aid, CPR and AED.
  • Assisting in training Ushers for emergencies