Below is a list of approved items for the food pantry.
Canned Chicken       Canned Salmon       Baked Beans        Garbanzo Beans
Canned Ham            Peanut Butter           Dried Beans          Navy Beans
Canned Tuna           Pinto Beans              Kidney Beans        Mixed Nuts
Evaporated Milk       Dry Powder Milk
Pasta                        Brown Rice               Whole Grain Cereal
Granola Bars            Graham Crackers      Whole Grain Crackers
Saltine Crackers       Muffin Mixes              Instant Cream of Wheat
Instant Oatmeal        Barley                        Stuffing Mix
Vegetables (any of the following canned vegetables)
Green Beans               Beets                    Sauerkraut            Collard Greens
Kale                             Mustard Greens    Corn                     Mixed Vegetables
Tomatoes                     Spinach                 Potatoes              Lima Beans
Tomato Juice                Sweet Potatoes    Green Peas         Carrots
Stewed Tomatoes
Fruits (any of the following canned, dried, or juices)
Applesauce               Fruit Cocktail           Orange Juice           Pineapple
Apple Juice               Grape Juice             Peaches                  Plums
Cranberry Juice        Mandarin Oranges   Pears                      Apricots
Dried Fruit Mixes
Combination Foods
Canned Soups                Canned Chili            Canned Spaghetti Sauce
Pizza Mixes                     Tuna Helper             Boxed Macaroni & Cheese
Hamburger Helper           Chicken Helper
Baby Cereal              Assorted Baby Formulas
Baby Juice                Assorted Baby Foods – Fruits, Vegetables, Meats