This year the IT Committee has a number of projects to improve the church’s resources and to protect them. When you are only really noticed when something goes wrong, you tend to want to take care of things so you don’t get noticed at all.

We have a small budget, so we are working to be cost effective and very efficient. Here’s a quick list of projects:


We plan to update the website. We will be refreshing the look and feel of the site, plus looking at how we can add some additional functionality. To be clear, a major revision could take up to five times our whole 2020 budget, so the changes will be noticeable but modest.


We plan to update the internal networks to have one singular network throughout the building. We do plan to have two channels, a private channel for members and a guest channel.


We will be taking measures to protect our equipment from tampering. Sadly, we have had problems with people putting our equipment at risk. As this equipment is costly, we want to protect the church’s investments.