Global Outreach

Serve in Global Missions

2022 will be a big year for Faith Church Global Missions. When you are responsible for one of the largest line items in the church’s budget, you take that very seriously and prayerfully. Through prayer, financial support, material support, and international mission trips, we seek to share the love of Christ and the truth of the gospel to the ends of the earth.

Our Global Vision

Faith Church’s Global Missions Committee works on a seven-year schedule. We have a planning year, followed by a five-year set of activities. This cycle culminates in a Sabbath Year, where we reflect on the accomplishments and challenges of the period. As of 2022, we are in the sixth year of the current cycle. 

Our vision focuses on sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the Reformed Faith with Hispanic, Muslim, and university communities, both in the United States and abroad. To those ends, we support seven missions or missionaries working with Hispanics and three missions or missionaries reaching out to Muslims. Additionally, three more are ministries to university students, with two of those focusing on international students who may never have heard anything about the Gospel. In total we financially support 16 ministries in Europe, Asia, Latin America, Africa, and throughout the US.

Finally, we send members of our own congregation on short-term missions trips to Latin America. Primarily these trips take us to Colombia and Paraguay. Our work in these countries is to equip people in the faith, to bolster the continuing
training of Reformed Spanish-speaking pastors and elders, and to build up women’s ministries
in the churches we engage.

Our Work in Latin America

In 2010, Faith Church began partnering with Reformed Presbyterian Churches in Colombia. We initially started working with the Presbitario Caribe and its four particular churches in cities along the Caribbean coast. We entered into a partnership with the Presbitario and continue to provide support to churches in that area. We undertook various activities, including VBS, medical missions, and Biblical theology conferences for men and women. In 2016, we sponsored and coordinated the first national Reformed women’s ministry in Cali, Colombia—Transformada 2016. We also began to partner with the presbytery of Iglesia Betania de la Reforma in the Valle de Cauca Department. Working with Iglesia Betania, we sponsored Transformada 2018 and conducted a medical missions trip in 2019. Unfortunately, COVID disrupted our plans for Transformada 2020 and 2022, but we are working towards holding the next Transformada conference in Cali in 2023. Meanwhile, Faith Church is preparing to return to the Valle de Cauca and partner with Iglesia Betania churches providing medical clinics in the summer of 2022. During COVID, we have focused on sustaining our partner churches in Colombia. In 2015, we began working with Project Paraguay to support Reformed Presbyterian churches in Paraguay. We have participated in construction projects, theology training, and helping prepare men to be ordained as pastors. Through an action of the PCA General Assembly, overseen by the Potomac Presbytery, we participate in activities developing the Paraguayan churches into their own presbytery.

Missionaries We Support

OrganizationMissionary or POC
GCFMTom and Nancy Balma
Mission to the WorldWill and Judi Traub
Mission to the WorldMelanie Johnson
WycliffeRuth Greybill
Mission to North America Hispanic MinistriesFrank Matthews
Mission to North AmericaHernando Sáenz
ConexusLAKathryn Stephens
Equiping Leaders InternationalManual (Tito) and Kim Padilla
Reformed University FellowshipChris Garriott
RFUIMatthew DeLong
Project Paraguay FoundationRoberto Maureira