Faith Reformed


Reaching Our Neighbors

The purpose of the Outreach Committee is to develop plans that effectively welcome people in our local area and introduce them to Faith Church. We seek to engage, challenge, and aid in equipping the congregation to actively participate in these various outreach ministries for the glory of God.

Trunk-AND-Treat is  a great way to meet our neighbors. Be looking for it at the end of October.We also have a Welcome Kit for new visitors. If you visit us at Faith, be sure to get a Welcome Kit!

Outreach is also responsible for our Disaster Response Ministry. We have sent teams in the past to North Carolina, Atlantic City, New Orleans, Baton Rouge, and Mississippi. These areas were devastated by flooding and hurricanes. We have mucked out, disinfected, hung drywall, and roofed entire houses. We are amateurs not afraid to get dirty to show God’s love to others.