Faith Reformed Presbyterian Church

A Congregation of the Presbyterian Church in America


Family Devotions

Week 41, 2019

Week 41:


Weekly Hymn:       Jesus, and Shall it Ever Be



Heidelberg Catechism–

      • Q102 May we also swear by saints or other creatures? /

Answer: No. A lawful oath is a calling upon God, who alone knows the heart, to bear witness to the truth, and to punish me if I swear falsely. No creature is worthy of such honour.


      • Q103 What does God require in the fourth commandment? /

Answer: First, that the ministry of the gospel and the schools be maintained and that, especially on the day of rest, I diligently attend the church of God to hear God’s Word, to use the sacraments, to call publicly upon the LORD, and to give Christian offerings for the poor. Second, that all the days of my life I rest from my evil works,
let the LORD work in me through his Holy Spirit, and so begin in this life the eternal Sabbath.





Bible Reading:

Mon- 10/14 – 1 John 1-3 & Isaiah 30

Tue – 10/15 – 1 John 4-5 & Isaiah 31

Wed – 10/16 – 2 &3 John & Isaiah 32

Thurs – 10/17 – 1 Peter 1-3 & Isaiah 33

Fri – 10/18 – 1 Peter 4-5 & Isaiah 34

Sat – 10/19 – Ezekiel 1-4 & Isaiah 35

Sun – 10/20 – Catch Up Day


Praise Team Playlist

Check out some of the songs we’ll be singing in Sunday morning worship.