Faith Reformed Presbyterian Church

A Congregation of the Presbyterian Church in America


Family Devotions

Week 39, 2019

Week 39:


Weekly Hymn:       O Zion Haste  

Heidelberg Catechism–

  • Q96 What does God require in the second commandment? /

Answer: We are not to make an image of God in any way, nor to worship him in any other manner than he has commanded in his Word

  • Q97 May we then not make any image at all? /

Answer: God cannot and may not be visibly portrayed in any way. Creatures may be portrayed, but God forbids us to make or have any images of them in order to worship them or to serve God through them.

  • Q98 But may images not be tolerated in the churches as “books for the laity”? /

Answer: No, for we should not be wiser than God. He wants his people to be taught not by means of dumb images but by the living preaching of his Word.


Bible Reading:

Mon- 9/30 – Jeremiah 22-24 & Isaiah 18

Tue – 10/1 – Jeremiah 25-27 & Isaiah 19

Wed – 10/2 – Jeremiah 28-30 & Isaiah 20

Thurs – 10/3 – Jeremiah 31-33 & Isaiah 21

Fri – 10/4 – Jeremiah 34-36 & Isaiah 22

Sat – 10/5 – Jeremiah 37-39 & Isaiah 23

Sun – 10/6 – Catch Up Day


Praise Team Playlist

Check out some of the songs we’ll be singing in Sunday morning worship.