by John Armstrong

Colombia, is a long way from here. Why go there?  Let’s look at the realities.  We are a small congregation in a relatively small and insignificant town in America. We don’t have lots of money; in fact, our church is behind in its giving for the year.  That is not unusual for churches this time of year.  However, it is significant enough for us to take notice and to watch our finances carefully.  Why spend money to send people on mission trips to places we may never see to minister to people we may never meet?  The answer is because we are commanded to take the Gospel out and share this Good News in Frederick, in Maryland, in the Mid-Atlantic, and even to the uttermost parts of the world.  It is our desire to participate in fulfilling Christ’s command to do just that.


In the years, we have been working in South America, the Lord has seen fit to open doors for us to minister through encouraging greater discipleship and equipping leaders.   As a congregation that is where we have seen our greatest impact and fruitfulness.  I hope you are all aware that we hosted a women’s conference in Cali, Colombia.  We are not aware of any other such Reformed and Presbyterian conference in South America.  What you might not know is that this event rivals just about anything our denomination does here in the United States.  I think it is very important for you as a member of Faith Reformed Presbyterian Church to understand what is happening here.  Yes, we are a small church, but we are a small church that is seeking to serve the Lord and we are trusting Him to bring forth the increase.  By God’s grace we are hosting this second “Transformada” women’s conference that will serve some 230 women from across Colombia and several other countries as well.  They are being trained and challenged to grow in their own relationships and discipleship. They are going back to their churches where they will be better equipped to encourage their church leaders and to take leadership roles within the ministries of those churches. 


The Gospel is going forth for the changing of lives as we help to equip women in Colombia, that in turn will have ripple effects not only in their churches and families but to their friends and co-workers.  The Gospel will advance through what the Lord is doing in and through the efforts of this little church in Frederick, MD.


So, what?  I want you to see that we serve a great God who delights to do great things with the small and insignificant.  In Christ, we are not insignificant and our size does not matter. This is all about what God is doing. The question is, will we be faithful to continue to go where God is leading us?  Will we pray expectantly for God to do great things in and through us? The work in Colombia and the work in Paraguay are significant parts of what we do as a church.  There are lots of other opportunities we have to share the Gospel and to follow the Lord in what He is doing.  I challenge you to find that place where He would have you join the church in its work and go be fruitful there.