by John Armstrong

It is hot outside.  It is hot outside and the air conditioner for the Fellowship Hall needs a new compressor.  It was new back in the 70s, but like so many things that have been around that long, replacement parts are rare or non-existent.  In our case, the technicians can’t find a replacement, so, it is time to replace the whole unit.  That is just part of living in this fallen world, things break and need to be repaired and when they can’t be repaired, they need to be replaced.  We have another unit that serves the middle section of the church and that unit is of the same age as the Fellowship Hall unit.  Therefore, a decision has been made to go ahead and replace that unit as well.  When we do that, “UV Air Scrubbers” will installed throughout our HVAC system in the church.  What does that mean?  It means that all the air being recirculated through the church will pass through an ultra-violet light unit that will purify the air and reduce particles that can irritate allergies and asthma.  As well as, protecting people from dangerous contaminants and pollutants while also protecting heating and cooling systems from dust buildup.  Air conditioner breaking in the middle of a heat wave, bummer.  Being able to afford to replace it and get new purifying technology, Praise the Lord! 

There a couple of reasons I wanted to share this with you.  First, the deacons are doing a good job of overseeing the needs of the physical plant and are working hard to be good stewards of the church’s financial resources.  Second, I want you to be aware of what is going on and to know that steps are being taken to provide a safe and secure facility in which we can worship and gather as the body of Christ.  Thirdly, I want to point out that God is in control of all things.  You are probably saying to yourself, “well, yeah, I know that.”  I’m saying this because we live in a world and in a time, that is rampant with so much bad news and unusual circumstances that it is very easy for us to lose sight of the fact that God is in control.  I sometimes feel as if it were not for bad news, we would have no news at all.  Of course that is not true, but there are those who are seeking to promote that kind of narrative in order to encourage us all to be fearful and dissatisfied.  Our enemy, Satan would have us to live in fear and dissatisfaction.  He wants us to be discontent, he wants us to feel like we are being harried and harassed on every side.  Why?  Go back to what I just said, so that we will tempted to forget that God is in control and that He is working out His holy will in spite of Satan’s best efforts to thwart it.  Our enemy, Satan is a created being.  Is he to be taken for granted, never.  He is a powerful and dangerous enemy, however, he can do nothing apart from God’s design.  So, be encouraged, even in the midst of trials and tribulations, because these things are short lived.  Our God reigns and He sits firmly established on His throne.  He will never be shaken and His people are the apple of His eye and He will deliver them all safely into His presence at the right time. Praise the Lord!  That is my message to you this August in 2020.  Praise the Lord!