by John Armstrong
“Where are we going?” “When are we going to get there?” “Are we there yet?” If you have
ever taken a long car trip with children, you may have heard these questions, over and over
again. They are questions you would expect people to ask. Of course, “are we there yet,” is a
little irritating because the answer is obvious. However, there is a time and a place to ask the question “are
we there yet”. Every organization whether it be a family on vacation or at home, a
company in the market place, or a church serving its community, every organization needs to be
asking some basic questions. Who are we? What is our purpose? Where are we as an
organization headed? When are we going to reach our goals? How are we going to get there and
how will we know we’ve arrived? This is not only true for organizations it is true for individuals
as well. We in the church do well to keep this in mind, because the church is the body of Christ.
People who trust by faith in Jesus Christ, come together as individuals to make up the church.
I’m talking about you and me and I’m talking about our need as a church to grow in discipleship.
I have just finished the preaching series on the “one another” passages. The point of the series
was to get us focusing on the areas where we need to grow as a congregation. Growth in love,
humility, unity, and encouragement. I could say the series was about the places where you need
to grow as a disciple of the Lord Jesus and I would be completely accurate, but the truth is we all
need that growth so I’ll speak in terms of “we,” just keep in mind, you are included.
Over the Summer months the Session has been praying and preparing for strategic planning that
we plan to do this Fall. It is our intention, the Lord willing, that we will have an updated
Strategic Plan in place for implementation at the start of 2018. We are asking you to join us in
prayer for Faith Church. Pray for a clear vision and a strong desire to see the kingdom of God
advancing in our hearts and in the hearts of those to whom we have the opportunity to share the
gospel. There are a lot of great things we are involved in as a church. I’ve said many times and
will continue to say it, this is a generous church. My prayer is that God will grow us in our
generosity not only with our financial resources, but also with our resources of time and talents.
The more we know Jesus, the more we will want to know Him and follow Him. Growth in
Christlikeness, Lord make it so here that we would be a church marked by love, humility, unity,
and encouragement. I’m sharing my desires as your pastor. These are things the Lord is laying
on my heart. It is my prayer that you too will be moved by the Lord to desire these things as
well. May He lead and guide us to that place He would have us to be for His glory. May He
show us the evidence of His work in our lives that we would be encouraged to walk as disciple-
making disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ.