Week 28:


Weekly Hymn:       Christ is Made the Sure Foundation


Heidelberg Catechism–

  • Q69How does holy baptism signify and seal to you that the one sacrifice of Christ on the cross benefits you?/

 Answer:In this way: Christ instituted this outward washing and with it gave the promise that, as surely as water washes away the dirt from the body, so certainly his blood and Spirit wash away the impurity of my soul, that is, all my sins.


  • Q70 What does it mean to be washed with Christ’s blood and Spirit? /

Answer: To be washed with Christ’s blood means to receive forgiveness of sins from God, through grace, because of Christ’s blood, poured out for us in his sacrifice on the cross. To be washed with his Spirit means to be renewed by the Holy Spirit and sanctified to be members of Christ, so that more and more we become dead to sin and lead a holy and blameless life.


Bible Reading:

Mon- 7/15 – 1 Chronicles 15-17 & Song of Songs 1

Tue – 7/16– 1 Chronicles 18-20 & Song of Songs 2

Wed – 7/17 – 1 Chronicles 21-23 & Song of Songs 3

Thurs – 7/18– 1 Chronicles 24-26 & Songs of Songs 4

Fri – 7/19 – 1 Chronicles 27-29 & Songs of Songs 5

Sat – 7/20 – Hosea 1-4 & Song of Songs 6
Sun – 7/21 – Catch Up Day