Week 47:


Weekly Hymn:      O Come, O Come Emmanuel



Heidelberg Catechism–

      • Q117 What belongs to a prayer which pleases God and is heard by him? /

Answer: First, we must from the heart call upon the one true God only, who has revealed himself in his Word, for all that he has commanded us to pray. Second, we must thoroughly know our need and misery, so that we may humble ourselves before God. Third, we must rest on this firm foundation that, although we do not deserve it, God will certainly hear our prayer for the sake of Christ our Lord, as he has promised us in his Word


      • Q118 What has God commanded us to ask of him? /

Answer: All the things we need for body and soul, as included in the prayer which Christ our Lord himself taught us.




Bible Reading:

Mon- 11/25 – Nahum & Isaiah 43

Tue – 11/26 – 2 Peter & Isaiah 44

Wed – 11/27 – Habakkuk & Isaiah 45

Thurs – 11/28 – Zephaniah & Isaiah 46

Fri – 11/29 – Jude & Isaiah 47

Sat – 11/30 – Haggai & Isaiah 48

Sun – 11/31 – Catch Up Day