Week 50:


Weekly Hymn:      Joy to the World



Heidelberg Catechism–

      • Q124 What is the third petition? /

Answer: Your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven. That is: Grant that we and all men may deny our own will, and without any murmuring obey your will, for it alone is good. Grant also that everyone may carry out the duties of his office and calling as willingly and faithfully as the angels in heaven.


      • Q125 What is the fourth petition? /

Answer: Give us today our daily bread. That is: Provide us with all our bodily needs so that we may acknowledge that you are the only fountain of all good, and that our care and labour, and also your gifts, cannot do us any good without your blessing. Grant, therefore, that we may withdraw our trust from all creatures and place it only in you.


      • Q126 What is the fifth petition? /

Answer: Forgive us our debts, as we also have forgiven our debtors. That is: For the sake of Christ’s blood, do not impute to us, wretched sinners, any of our transgressions, nor the evil which still clings to us, as we also find this evidence of your grace in us that we are fully determined wholeheartedly to forgive our neighbour.


Bible Reading:

Mon- 12/16 – Revelation 11-12 & Isaiah 61

Tue – 12/17 – Revelation 13-14 & Isaiah 62

Wed – 12/18 – Revelation 15-16 & Isaiah 63

Thurs – 12/19 – Revelation 17-18 & Isaiah 64

Fri – 12/20 – Revelation 19-20 & Isaiah 65

Sat – 12/21 – Revelation 21-22 & Isaiah 66

Sun – 12/22 – Catch Up Day